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hauman means ‘merman’ in Danish


hauman explores mythologies

from the depths of the darkest oceans

hauman writes bright melodies

and sinister lyrics about human decay















hauman composes strictly conceptual pieces

that explores materials and spatiality


hauman transforms melancholy and vulnerability

into enchanting atmospheres

hauman creates music that soars from near to beyond


hauman is a Danish composer, musician, and sound artist


She holds a master degree in film music composition

and has international and professional experience as

university lecturer and audiovisual installation artist


Born in 1988 and based in Aarhus, DK





















hauman unavoidably integrates sound design in her cinematic music, and she unites ambient atmospheres with catchy melodies that invites the listener to emotionally engage

in her musical universes

MA Composing for Moving Images, University of London City, UK

MA Musicology & Sound Design, Aarhus University, DK

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