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16-channel site specific sound installation

creeper (stereo excerpt)
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'creeper' is a site specific sound installation created for the entrance- and toilet areas at Radar, a music venue in Aarhus DK.


The piece is designed exclusively for Radar’s 16-channel audio canvas speaker system and builds on field recordings from Radar. 

The composition seeks to stage and transform the listener’s experience of the natural ambiance at Radar, and hereby create a magical illusion of a creeping plant growing out of the speakers.



'creeper' is the botanical term for a twining plant, but the word also holds sinister and uncomfortable connotations.


The plant may seem like an inconspicuous curiosity at first, but gradually it becomes clear that the plant is aggressive and intents to destroy the entire space. 


The piece accordingly creeps in on the listener, and it seeks to explore the boarder between what is considered valuable aesthetics as opposed to destructive noise.

Premiered May 27th 2022,

at Radar, Aarhus DK

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