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Havets Planter

Audiovisual installation

Exhibited in the Planetarium

at Aarhus Science Museum


Music and visual design by hauman


5.1 surround sound

video projections

full dome + panoramic projections

floor + panoramic lighting


Peter Bondo:

underwater images

Søren Larsen:

underwater video

Ole Knudsen & Aase Jacobsen:

planetarium design

Havets Planter (stereo excerpt)
00:00 / 02:40

From a biological perspective the plants of the oceans are an incredibly important part of the ecosystem, crucial to minimize the severe climate changes that the planet is facing.


However, given that the environment of the ocean plants is not easily accessible, it becomes a hidden world which existence we barely acknowledge.


This installation seeks to present the magical underwater world in an audiovisual set-up that the audience can enter, explore and become immersed by - in the hope that an increased awareness of this environment will foster an increased desire to protect it.


The piece is a sonic exploration of the underwater atmosphere. It roots in sound art but has clear melodic elements.

The compositional concept for the piece is developed around the water molecule, which has a three folded structure and binds with other water molecules into a six-angled shape. Accordingly, the melodic material builds on a pattern of three or six notes, which unlike the traditional motif is not only connected to pitch and rhythm, but equally to its spatial enfoldment, which is supported by the surround sound system, allowing the composer to place and move around each sound anywhere within the sound field.

Additionally the original underwater audio recordings are an integrated part of the score, and especially the divers breath is very apparent to underline the representation of the ocean as an alient environment.

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