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debut EP


illusionary urge

written and performed by hauman

mixed by Queen Alaska

mastered by Dr. Mahlgrad

“Hauman was the name of my grandfather,
who taught me to play the piano and use my imagination.

He was born by the North Sea and named after the folk tale about Agnete and the Merman;
a tragic love story suggesting that following your passion might lead you in despair.

My songs emerge out of this mythological universe, seeking to explore the dualistic balance between our desires and obligations, whatever they may be.”


The title ‘illusionary urge’ refers to a notion by Freud, who argued that we all have a life long unconscious longing for the fetus state in our mothers’ wombs;

an ‘illusionary urge‘ to return to this stage, where we were profoundly protected.


Throughout our lives we unconsciously seek for sensations that can satisfy this urge, and remind our bodies of the beginning of life.

These sensations could be swimming, sleeping, having sex, listening to music;

activities that dissolve our sense of space and time,

so called ‘oceanic feelings’.

The EP explores these notions conceptually, and they are directly part of the opening song ‘mother earth’.

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