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Audiovisual installation, 2012

Holy Trinity Hoxton, London UK

4-channel electronic composition

classical voices (SATB)

video projections

by hauman

Infinitum (stereo excerpt)
00:00 / 02:33

The installation integrates video art, sound design, and classical voices, and the set-up encourages the audience to experience the church room and its acoustics in different ways.

The piece is composed as a circular and infinite movement developing through three different phases inspired by the elements and the existential circular journey of human life.

Father Andrew Newcombe, Vicar at Holy Trinity Hoxton, comments:


“Working with hauman on her audio-visual installation at Holy Trinity Hoxton was amazing. Her ideas were well-conceived and the piece was ideal for the church setting and its acoustic.

Even those who were just passing by and popped in to see what was happening stayed to listen and became absorbed by the music and the way it flowed around them. I was moved when a homeless man told me how it had ‘touched his heart’.

The video worked extremely well and, along with votive candles, was the only source of light, adding to the ebb and tide of the music.”

The theme evolves around the dualistic struggle between nature and culture, seeing the church room and its inherent auditive tradition of Latin choral singing as the manifestation of culture, while undergoing an artistic ornamentation and abstract transformation through music, visuals, and electronic sound design inspired by the power and divinity of nature.

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